bag-icon About Us
Who we are
We're a team of professionals with more than twelve years of experience in commercial marketing and our goal is simple - we want to deliver an inexhaustible range of the most Über-personalized gifts ever. And we won't stop at anything until we do.
Giftisaha is a part of the Springboard initiative of The Times of India Group for full fledged brand building program and is an equity partner in this venture.
What we do
. Come up with the most unique gifting options never offered before
. Give you the full value of your time and money spent with us
. Offering you the 'aha' shopping experience
Why choose us
We leave plenty of room to experiment. Our shoppers can explore, and even partake of creating the most personalized gifts, so that what you give, you know no one else can. Our wide range of option is firmly backed by quick online support. We also offer a flexible return policy, and our superior distribution network makes sure that you get your order delivered on time.
All our gifts are trademarked, registered and copyrighted. We are the sole proprietors of the content and any copyright infringement is a serious violation of intellectual property.
Our promise
We will not disclose any information provided by you. Period!
Return policy
A simple and hassle-free return policy, to give you an Aha experience. Read more to know about it.