On 18th January during the birthday of Bollywood Diva Minissha Lamba she says, 'Birthdays are not only for introspection but a time to look forward and set new goals. I plan to usher in my birthday with a few close friends and family. Later all of us will be going skydiving, as I love adventure sports; I feel that birthdays are like an annual report card that reflects how the past year has been.'
Source: DNA India
Javed wrote a poem specially dedicated to Shaad and Aarti's togetherness that he recited at the wedding. The marital couple and the guest were on tears on hearing Javed's words about a love that transcends all human obstacles. a prominent invitee, "When Javed read out the poem for Shaad and Aarti, every couple at the wedding felt a lump in the throat."
Source: Times of India
Value the sentiment behind a gift, even if you don’t like it. Mother’s love can add to the moment when you try and understand the sentiments. The point is about recognizing intangible emotions in tangible gifts. Sometimes in gifting a person’s taste may be dubious but it's intent that counts
Source: Shoba Narayan, LIVE MINT